46 days of surfbriety and I’ve begun to hallucinate

I wanted to challenge myself, but this is ridiculous. Another day of epic (for Va Beach) waves, a fortune cookie prophesizing, “You will be spending some fun time on the water soon,” and worst of all, every time I get in the car and turn on the radio, Beyonce beckons me with a sultry plea of, “Surf, Borte. Surf, Borte.”

Uh, excuse me, my daughter is saying something.

I’m back, and umm…I feel stupid. I’ve been informed that Beyonce is saying, “Surfboard,” not, “Surf, Borte.” Still, why would the queen of R&B put out a song about surfboards other than to lure me back to the sea?

Seriously, staying out of the water is already making me a lil nuts, and it’s only been 46 days. But who’s counting?

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